We have solutions in secure password management systems

Below we have suggestions on how we can help you systematically and methodically

1. Evaluation of current password management system

We can evaluate your current password management system and your processes around it and present what we can improve for you.

Summarized for personell in the management position: 

You no longer need dedicated staff for all password management, as employees can work together with a customized structure to work easier, safer, and more efficiently. You will receive a system that is ISO 27 001 approved and thus also security-approved in GDPR perspective. You will also have dynamical access control of passwords and sensitive data  which is a requirement in the future of IT.
By working structurally and efficiently you save money and employees can now dedicate more focus on your core business.

The following are some examples of common problems regarding password manageing systems.

From: Today, one or very few people manage passwords because of licensing model or for complex systems.
To: Everyone can help maintain passwords as they are legitimate.

From: Everyone have access to all passwords ans sensetive information.
From: Difficult to allocate specific resources to a specific group of employees

To: Assignment of resources can be dynamically assigned to different groups of eg. competencies or specific customer responsibility.

From: System is hard to maneuver and employees avoid useing it to maintaining tasks and passwords and the risk is therefore imminent to store information in alternate and insecure locations.
To: Easy-to-use system tailored to your needs so it is easy to do right and hard to make mistakes.

From: Non-GDPR-compatible password management system.
To: GDPR and ISO 27 001 safe system for the future.

From: The password system is incompatible with the IT structure of Microsoft Enterprise environments.
To: The system is designed for Microsoft Enterprise environments and is also capable of reading nested groups.

From: Unsupported On-premises (local) storage of database or system.
To: On-premise application and database storage, as well as database support in Azure's cloud solution.

From: No protection for Bruteforce attacks.
From: No built-in security features in the system.

To: Smart and innovative encryption solution as well as several built-in security systems according to leading standards.

From: Poor logging of changes as well as retrieval of data in the system. 
To: Full logging from first entry to last change and by who, when and from what.

From: No functioning or lack of HA (High Avaliability / Failover system)
To: Possibility of having duplicate instances of the system if one goes down takes others over for maximum availability.

From: People remember password retrieved from the password system after use.
To: Passwords can be checked out and in use and changed in connection with this.
To: Password is rotated and verified every 24 hours against other systems and devices for maximum security.

2. Method and Structure 

Preliminary study is carried out on the needs of your business's various systems in terms of working with passwords to make it easy to work and gain as much out of the system.

The following is a real example of a backup system that had to be documented in a specific way and order, otherwise the backup might suffer from inaccurate use of data.

Employees who handle backup information specifically have the need to store passwords in their way dependent of the backup system. We may have multiple information fields that are mandatory and extra encrypted for crypto keys or even require additional authentication for handling this type of data.

3. Implementation of new password management system

When implementing a new system for managing sensitive data and passwords, we have an in-depth setup process based on state-of-the-art technology and adapted to GDPR.

4. Education and learnings

We will be happy to visit you and provide training in our systems so you get the most out of the product. Here are all questions welcome big and small. 

5. Migrateing Passwords

We can assist you with knowledge about migrating data from your old system to the new one.
Here we can also help you store the information in a correct way from start so it's easy for everyone to benefit of good structure.

This step is dependent of part two above. 

6. Support and Maintenance 

To work proactively and keep the system safe and up to date for the current and future threats, as well as to avoid system failures and downtime, we also provide support and maintenance of the system where we assist with expertise and management advice for future situations. 

We take care of everything from licensing the system to maintaining servers and adapting to the rest of the environment to keep the system functioning and tailored to your needs over both server, system and functionality level .